Friday, 29 August 2014

A Step Away from Paradise: A Tibetan Lama's Extraordinary Journey to a Land of Immortality by Thomas K. Shor

"A Step Away from Paradise tells the story of Tibet’s Tulshuk
Lingpa, a visionary lama who in 1962 launched an expedition
to what he and his followers believed to be the land of
immortality described in twelfth-century Tibetan tradition.
With over 300 disciples, he ventured up a remote Himalayan
mountain at the Nepal-Sikkim border in order to ‘open the way’
to a hidden land of plenty found on no map. Fifty years later,
Thomas K. Shor tracks down the surviving members of this
visionary expedition and entwines their remarkable stories of
faith and adventure with his own quest to discover the reality of
this land known as Beyul. What emerges is a breathtaking story
alive with possibility, bringing the reader as close to the Hidden
Land as a book possibly can. As the astounding account unfolds,
the reader is sure to repeat the question constantly raised by
the author in his interviews: And then what happened? The
story recalls and evokes one of humanity's oldest aspirations—
that of finding a stairway to paradise "

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Why bad things happen .... - 2

According to George Kavassilas, God entered the 12th dimension, spent some time mastering it, then entered the 11th dimension,  spent some more time mastering that, ..until it entered 3d as us ! The mastery process of 3d is ongoing. Which brings up the question of God's competence in 3d affairs ! Once mastery is attained , then bad things will stop happening.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Why bad things happen ... Best of 2012portal #1

Has God created a world that has been hijacked by Dark Forces ? A hostage situation where even God can't intervene explains why bad things happen.

The 2012 portal is now upto a whopping 10 million page views. And the best ever blog post is Quarantine Earth Endgame

This blog is not for everyone. And you may debate about it's claims endlessly. Yet any blog usually has a kernel of truth in it ... and the 2012portal has a very valuable kernel at that !


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